March 29, 2019

Spring Into the New Season With a New Hair Color

We don’t know about you but here at Mode Salon + Spa, we couldn’t be more excited for spring to finally come. The lower temperatures can feel great when you’re in a hot climate like Scottsdale, Arizona but we always get excited to see the flowers bloom again when springtime rolls in! This time of year is amazing for a lot of reasons but we love it for all the fun and bright trends that are up and coming!

What better way to celebrate the spring colors blossoming than to color your hair? Maybe you’ve always wanted to dye your hair but you never knew which shade you should rock. Don’t worry, because we’ve listed out some hair shades that are sure to be popular this spring.

Subtle Highlights

This hair color is for those who aren’t looking to drastically change their look but still want to get in on the spring fun. If you haven’t gotten on the balayage train yet, then spring is your time to do so. For all you dark-haired beauties, adding in some blonde near the end can give your hair that sun-kissed look we all want during the warmer months.

woman with highlights in hair

Rose Gold

Rose gold has taken over and it isn’t hard to see why! This hair color is great if you’ve been wanting to dye all your hair but you were never sure which color to commit to. Its bright and lively shade is the perfect way to welcome in the springtime flowers and warmer weather. It will also look amazing when you step outside and the sun catches the glint of your rosy hair. As a bonus this shade suits a variety of skin tones, so don’t be afraid to try it this season!

woman with rose gold hair color


Pastel everything has been gaining popularity and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. That’s okay with us because we are totally here for all the different gorgeous pastel colors! The best part about this trend is that there are so many different shades you can pick from. A blue pastel shade may not be your thing but that doesn’t mean you can’t love another pastel color for your hair. Maybe a purple pastel tone is just what you’ve been looking for to make your hair dreams come true. Whichever shade you pick, it will look great with the spring colors starting to bloom!

woman with light blue and pink hair

Shadow Roots

The time for worrying about your roots ruining your hair color is over! Now people are embracing their natural hair growing into their roots and are making it the next spring trend. This hair color gives you a more effortless and natural beauty that we all strive for. Whether you let your natural hair grow in or you dye the roots with another shade, this is one spring trend that you’ve got to try.

White Blonde Hair

Have you always wanted to dye your hair that white blond color but you were never sure that it was the right time? We’ve got good news for you because the beginning of spring is the perfect time to rock this shade. With regular upkeep, this is a great color for you to wear all spring and summer. This hair tone will look amazing when you’re outside soaking up those rays of the sun!

woman with white blonde hair

What Shade Will You Try

Were you inspired by a spring hair color trend? Our stylists at Mode Salon + Spa can help you discover which hair color you should rock when spring is in full bloom! Contact us to find out how you can start this season off right!

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