Why Mode Salon + Spa Chooses Partnerships

There’s nothing better than partnering up with other professionals. Not only does it create a unique experience for our guests, but it creates a strong network of artistic and creative businesses that love working together. We love nothing more than a strong sense of community and partnership! Here are just a few of the partners we have that make Mode great.

Green Circle Salons

Mode Salon + Spa is proud to be one of over 2k salons across the nation to be a part of the Green Circle Salon network. These salons are on a mission to make beauty more sustainable. We do this by recycling materials that were once clogging up local landfills. These materials include hair clippings, old color tubes, color foils, papers, plastics, and other spa waste. Why do we choose to be a part of the Green Circle Salons? Because it’s easy and because it’s right. Luxury and sustainability don’t have to be stand-alone concepts. They can meet and make a marriage worth working for.

Not only does it save the planet, it saves money for our local communities by reducing waste in our municipalities. If you’re going green; love to reduce, reuse, and recycle; and are looking for way to better the planet, make Mode Salon + Spa your first choice in hair and skin care services.

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Scottsdale Open for All

Mode is an active participant in Scottsdale city’s Open for All campaign. Mode practices inclusiveness, love of diversity, and open mindedness within our salon walls. We are proud to live and thrive in a city that believes in working toward the same goal. We welcome all of Scottsdale through our doors and into our chairs. We are happy to be a part of a campaign that helps build trust, inclusiveness, and understanding in our community.

Eleventh Monk3y

Mode would not be the unique and custom spa or salon experience it is today without the help of the talented fabricators and designers at Eleventh Monk3y. Our stations, front desk, and shelving units were all created by this crazy eclectic company. We are proud to have Mode-tailored outfits throughout our creative space, and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Electric Mirror

What’s a salon without bold, LED mirrors? Without them, how else are you supposed to check out the new you? Thanks to our friends at Electric Mirror, Mode now has stylish mirrors that you can use to give yourself a bright smile or even snap a selfie in front of!

Fairy Tale Renovations

Mode made a transition in 2018, and we wanted out with the old and in with the new, so we got a new look! Fairy Tale Renovations made our dreams come true with a salon and spa design that blew us away. Come in and experience the luxurious experience they created for us!

Additional Partners

The partners above are not the only ones who made Mode possible. We wanted to thank everyone involved in our transformation! Shout out to everyone who has contributed to our new look and feel. We hope to see you in the chair one day!


Our Apologies

We regret to inform you that our doors have officially closed! Feel free to fill out a form to contact the salon owner for service inquiries at his new location. Thank you!