December 10, 2018

Mode’s Favorite Hair Trends for 2019

At Mode Salon + Spa, we’re a little bit obsessed with hair. Keeping up with trends in haircuts, styles, and colors is just a part of our job. With 2019 on the horizon, we’re all about what’s up and coming. Since we couldn’t mention every single trend we love for 2019, we’ve created a condensed list of five favorites!

Long Bangs

Most of us have toyed with the idea of getting bangs once or twice but never got the courage to actually cut them. Long bangs are a great compromise if you’re not ready for short, blunt bangs. The great part about longer bangs is that they frame the face beautifully. You can also still put your hair up without hair hanging in your face. It’s a softer take on the classic fringe that’s much easier to commit to.

Girl in a blue shirt has long, dark hair with grown out bangs.

Textured Bob

Feel like chopping off some length in 2019? A textured bob is a great way to do that. Unlike a sharp, blunt-cut bob, this looks a lot more relaxed. Texture gives the hair that flirty, undone, effortless look that every cool girl aspires to. If you’ve been shying away from the bob because you’re worried about having a “mom haircut”, this is an excellent youthful alternative.

Woman with blonde, textured bob.

High Ponytails

No matter what year it is, there’s nothing more fun and feminine than a high pony. They’re extremely popular with celebrities (think Ariana Grande’s iconic high ponytail) and have been seen on runway models like Bella Hadid. If you get sick of having your hair down, pulling it up in a high ponytail is a cute, trendy way to get it out of your face. Whether you’re using a standard hair tie or getting creative with a scrunchie, scarf, or ribbon, this is an easy, fool-proof look.

Woman in masculine outfit wears a high ponytail.

Sporty Looks

The sports luxe/athleisure trend is as hot as ever, so why not try out some sporty hairstyles? Boxer braids, Dutch braids, athletic headbands, buns, and braided ponytails are all killer looks. The benefit of these styles is that you can wear them in and out of the gym while you’re working on that fitness New Year’s resolution. Go to your spin class with one of these hairstyles and you won’t need to worry about redoing your hair when you’re done!

Woman with boxer braids.

Head Scarves and Headbands

Hair accessories aren’t just for kids! Headbands and headscarves were seen all over the runway for spring/summer 2019 collections. We think it’s a fun way to inject so color and playfulness into any look. Accessorizing with a headband or scarf is a great way to jazz up loose waves, a high ponytail, or a bun. There’s also so many to choose from, ranging from bedazzled headbands, traditional red bandanas, and luxe silk scarves. The possibilities are endless!

Brunette woman wearing a head scarf.

Get a New Look for the New Year

If you’re ready to rock a new look in 2019, we can help! Any of our talented, friendly stylists can help create a fresh, new look that you’ll feel great about. Whether you want to change your hair color or try out a fresh new cut, we can help you out. Request an appointment today so you can step into 2019 with your best hair ever!

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